How to Recover from Stress? Herbal Advice

Stress is a regular part of our lives. From stressing over work deadlines to worrying about an upcoming exam, stress engulfs our minds in a constant state of worrying and restlessness. However, we must not let our lives be affected by stress.

There are many medicinal and herbal remedies for relieving stress. Specially, certain herbs can effectively defend your body from the harmful effects of stress because they are packed with adaptogens. Adaptogens are natural components that allow your body to adapt to stress and deal with it efficiently.

In this article, we will talk about some herbs that widely used to help alleviate stress-related symptoms.

Korean Red Ginseng

Korean ginseng is packed with anti-stress properties. When exposed to high levels of stress, Korean ginseng stabilizes the nervous system response and improves cognitive functioning to deal with stress in a better way. It not only suppresses the occurrence of stress, but also regulates our hormonal changes that occur due to stress. This herb has also been said to have anti-depressant properties. Korean ginseng can be consumed orally in the form of tincture to help maintain homeostasis.

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is an herb that comes from the mint family and is known for its soothing effects. This herb is often used in herbal teas to boost your mood and help you relax when in stress.It is safe to consume by people of any age. It immediately affects your mind and calms your nervous system. People who use lemon balm when in stress report a sudden soothing effect that reduces their level of alertness. Lemon balm is great for stress and anxiety and can be consumed in the form of herbal tea, tincture or capsules.


Native to India, Ashwagandha is one of the most used herbs in Ayurveda. This herb has traditionally been used for centuries to fight stress symptoms. It has energizing and refreshing effects in people who are feeling stressed out. What makes this herb so effective for stress are the adaptogens present in it. They increase our resistance to stress, ultimately maintaining a calm mind.

Ashwagandha is a main ingredient in stress relieving herbal supplements. It can also be consumed in the form of capsules and tincture.


Rhodiola has long been used in Europe and Russia to fight fatigue associated with chronic stress. Regular use of rhodiola among patients with stress and fatigue has shown to massively improve their mental performance and reduce the symptoms of fatigue. It is great for people having constant burnout and regular intake can help them improve their mental and physical productivity.

Bottom Line

Stress can easily be alleviated by making minor changes in your lifestyle. Exercising regularly, spending time in nature and resorting to herbal remedies like herbal tea and supplements can majorly improve stress symptoms. Therefore, if you have been feeling a little over the edge, making these small transitions can bring a lot of positivity in your life.

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