Secrets of the Tribe: Committed to Quality & Safety through Rigorous Certifications

Wander down any health food aisle and you’ll notice labels boasting “GMP Certified!” “Lab Tested Quality!” Ever wonder what’s behind these flashy supplement seals and stamps? They’re not just for show; these symbols of rigorous certification highlight BIG differences in what you and your family consume.

Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, dietary supplements face looser federal regulation. Technically, these products only need to match what’s on the label to squeak by legally. But reputable brands recognize that ethical responsibility goes far beyond this low standard.

That’s why we actively pursue trusted independent certifications to back up our label claims. These stringent programs audit our manufacturing practices, test our finished products, inspect our storage facilities, and confirm our worker qualifications and sanitation protocols.

Certifications are more than just a seal of approval; they offer transparency, allowing you to verify the quality before you buy. 

So the next time you see a certification seal, recognize what that emblem truly represents — a supplement you can trust. Now, let’s peek behind the curtain at what these quality certifications actually verify in terms of your family’s health and safety...

Unlocking the Secrets Behind FDA Registered Facilities

When we say our supplements are manufactured in an FDA registered facility, what does that actually mean, it means we adhere to strict Food and Drug Administration regulations.

By law, every facility that manufactures, processes, packs or stores food items must register with the FDA. This includes dietary supplement providers like us. We’ve happily opened our doors to routine FDA inspection to ensure we meet their standards.

FDA audits are thorough, verifying our compliance with strict guidelines around equipment sanitation, employee safety, record keeping, quality control, and contamination prevention. To maintain our registered status, we must consistently meet FDA standards year after year, which involves up-to-date testing methods and regular equipment calibration. We’re also subject to FDA enforcement if our standards ever slip.

So, remember this badge of honor next time you purchase our capsules or tinctures, reflecting our commitment to your family's safety.

GMP Certification - What This Extensive Quality Audit Actually Checks

The “GMP Certified” stamp of approval means we voluntarily undergo extensive annual audits to comply with the FDA’s Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) regulations.

But what does cGMP actually monitor behind the scenes? For starters, it scrutinizes employee training. Do quality control supervisors and lab techs meet the required qualifications? Are manufacturing equipment operators properly licensed? Even sanitation crews must demonstrate proficiency!

These extensive audits also examine batch record integrity to confirm that our products match their labels. They authenticate raw ingredient certificates of analysis for identity and purity. Environmental monitoring verifies adequate filtration, pressure differentials, and ventilation control particle and microbiological counts.

Last up is sanitation efficacy. Swab tests scour equipment and flooring for objectionable microorganisms. Tools must undergo rigorous cleaning procedures between supplements to prevent cross-contamination.

Our unwavering cGMP certification reflects dedication to quality and safety from start to finish!

Independent Lab Testing for Unbiased Supplement Verification

The “3rd party lab tested” seal means we hire independent laboratories specializing in supplement analysis to verify what’s inside our capsules and tinctures.

These labs are completely independent and unbiased, so we have no influence over the results and they do not factor into our profits. Their mission is to provide objective testing services, helping manufacturers like us build customer trust through radical transparency.

Their expert technicians use sophisticated analytical instrumentation like high-performance liquid chromatography and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry to validate the identity, purity, potency, and quantity of ingredients in our finished products, ensuring they match our label claims.

With these stringent tests, nothing escapes their scrutiny. If any discrepancies arise, such as deviations from established tolerances or contamination, they identify and flag inferior products. We only deliver top-quality supplements to our customers after they pass this rigorous third-party verification.

Marketers who rely on exaggerated claims for mediocre products may despise independent analysis, but we embrace it. The "3rd party lab tested" seal on our products guarantees that they contain nothing but thoroughly verified, high-grade ingredients to support your health and wellbeing.

Understanding the USDA Organic Certification

You’ve likely seen that iconic USDA Organic badge emblazoned across food packaging from tomatoes to tea. But what does it take to earn certified organic bragging rights? Achieving this certification requires adherence to the stringent standards set by the United States Department of Agriculture, validated through third-party audits.

Earning USDA Organic credentials requires farming without toxic persistent pesticides, sewage sludge fertilizers, genetic engineering, radiation, or synthetic compounds. Crops must nourish soils using ecological processes like rotating complementary plants or introducing predator insects that keep pests in check naturally.

Organic farmers must also closely monitor soil health, conducting nutrient tests to develop tailored enrichment strategies that enhance mineral density and microbiome biodiversity. They maintain detailed records to track seed sources, previous land use, water purity assurances, and treatment applications.

Regular audits review their production practices, storage, transportation, and handling procedures to ensure adherence to organic standards and minimize contamination risks. Qualified inspectors even scrutinize the surrounding lands to maintain adequate buffer zones from neighboring non-organic farms.

If organic standards are breached, farmers risk losing their certification and facing severe penalties. This level of rigor ensures that when you see our products labeled as USDA Organic, you can be confident that the ingredients truly meet the highest environmental standards!

Our Certifications: a Promise of Confidence for Your Family

We strive to set a standard well above the norm in the dietary supplement industry. Our certifications are a testament to our commitment, regularly audited to ensure we adhere to the highest production practices for your family's safety. Rest assured, manufacturers who hide behind inferior formulas often dislike the revealing nature of independent 3rd party testing, which we fully embrace. Moreover, our USDA Organic certification is a guarantee that we source our herbal ingredients ethically and responsibly.

Our goal with these certifications is to earn your trust, going beyond flashy packaging claims. We pride ourselves on radical transparency. Feel free to contact us anytime to discuss what goes into our capsules and tinctures and how they are recommended for your family’s use.

In essence, our mission is straightforward: to craft and deliver the finest that nature offers through plant-based supplements — just as a responsible supplement maker should.

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