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Varicose Vein. Healthy Legs Support
Varicose Vein. Healthy Legs Support

Varicose Vein. Healthy Legs Support

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  Our Varicose Vein is a powerful blend of natural herbs traditionally used to promote healthy veins and legs. Designed by experienced herbalists and built upon ancestors' traditions, here is some information on what's inside this blend.

  Butcher’s Broom: Parts used: Root - Certified Organic - Country of Origin: Albania

Butcher’s Broom has an expansive history for its use in circulatory system health and to help alleviate pain.

  Horse Chestnut: Parts used: Nut - Certified Organic - Country of Origin: Hungary

Horse Chestnut is known to help reduce vein problems, help with circulatory health and as a powerful analgesic.

  Bilberry: Parts used: Leaf - Certified Organic - Country of Origin: Albania

Bilberry leaves have been used by European folk healers as an overall tonic. Bilberry contains large amounts of beneficial nutrients and compounds which have been used for their positive effects on the circulatory system. It is an essential part of our blend.

  Cayenne: Parts used: Pepper - Certified Organic - Country of Origin: India

Cayenne Pepper contains beta-carotene, vitamin C and calcium amd is best known for helping the circulatory system and as an analgesic.

  Gotu kola: Parts used: Herb - Certified Organic - Country of Origin: Sri Lanka

Gotu kola, or Indian Pennywort, is known as a longevity herb and is often used as a general health tonic. Gotu Kola has traditionally used to support a healthy circulatory system.

  Grape: Parts used: Seed - Certified Organic - Country of Origin: USA

Grape seeds have been used by European and Indian folk healers for centuries to support a healthy cardiovasular system.

Mother Nature’s gifts to help support your health and wellbeing.

Tailored Herbal extracts made with care.


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