How to Take Our Herbal Products

 How to take supplements correctly

An item’s usefulness depends not only on its quality, but also on how it’s used. For example, a hammer is great for hammering nails, but is not very convenient for weeding a garden or making soup. The same principle applies to herbal products — to achieve the maximum benefit, it’s important to know how to take supplements correctly.

Follow suggestions for use

To ensure both effective and safe use of any herbal product, it’s important to follow the directions on the bottle.
If you think you need to change the dosage for improved effects, we recommend that you first consult with your doctor.
And don't forget about one simple but important rule: drink enough water. This is critical for the proper absorption of nutrients derived from both food and herbal supplements and for the healthy functioning of your whole body.

 Herbal supplements

One product at a time

Each herb is responsible for its own set of unique health benefits. So, what happens if you combine several herbs, thereby integrating their properties? If you’re wondering about this, don't rush to mix extracts or use several products at a time. Even the most seemingly innocuous combination of herbs can have harmful effects. Therefore, before conducting your own experiments, consult your doctor to be sure the combination will work for your health. 
Another option is using our proprietary blends. Created by professional herbalists, they contain herbs that perfectly match and enhance each other. We offer 12 groups of blends to support 12 body systems. Each group contains products that provide a specific function, meaning there’s something useful for everyone. 

 Herbal extracts

Take breaks

Sometimes, prolonged use of supplements without interruption can affect the product’s effectiveness. The opposite can also occur, resulting in excessive sensitivity.
To prevent this, we recommend not using herbal tinctures or capsules for more than 4 consecutive months. After 4 months of use, take a break for 3-4 months, after which you can resume with confidence in the effectiveness and safety of your herbal products.

Herbal tincture


  • Can I combine all my tinctures from you to drink all at once?

  • Thank you! This speaks well of your company. I am glad to avail myself of your products and herbal wisdom!

    Donna M.

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