How to Make Your Home More Cozy?

Throw pillows, warm lighting, rugs, wall art, and herbs for home to create a cozy environment that sends a soothing invitation.

"Your home is quite cozy." 

How would you feel if you received this compliment from a guest?

Most people think that decorating their house can be expensive. However, a few carefully selected pieces can completely change your interior for under $100. 

If you have issues of HGTV Magazine strewn over your living room table and a home improvement show running in the background as you browse Amazon for décor pieces, we can understand how badly you need a makeover for your house. 

Most people will recommend repainting the interior and getting a new sofa set. Though great ideas, they might be out of your budget at the moment. Our advice — small things like curtains, a rug under the center table, and home herbs can help you achieve the coziness you want.

Tips to make Your Home Feel Cozy

Tips to make Your Home Feel Cozy

Soft Lighting

Are you a creature of the night, or do you get lured by your bed at 8:00 P.M.? 

If it's the latter, try some soft lighting. It will help set your sleep schedule straight. Warm-tones lights create a candle-lit glow, which makes any room look cozy. 

Place Throw Pillows on the Sofa

Pillows are the epitome of comfort. Being able to hold on to a fluffy pillow and squeeze it while you are watching a movie is something we all look forward to after a hectic day of work. So, pile them on your bed, the sofa, and the recliner.

Pillows are the epitome of comfort.

Hang Wall Art

The key to making your wall art aesthetically appealing is to hand it in threes and at eye level. Pick something that matches the room's interior décor. You can even go personal by making a family collage. 

Add Rugs Everywhere

Laminate, tile, and hardwood flooring are great, but they don't keep your feet warm in winter. Here, rugs can be handy. The best thing about them is that you can place them everywhere. They create a statement in the kitchen, a harmonious look in your seating room, and are functional in the bathroom. Even if your house is carpeted, you can still add carpets. Just make sure they complement the furniture.

Tips to make Your Home Feel Cozy

Add Texture

Adding texture refers to placing objects you love to touch in selected places always within reaching distance. These can be woven baskets, faux fur, leather accessories, books with unique spines, etc.

Spruce Up the Windows

Replace your sheer linen curtains with velvet drapes and hang a little fringe on top. You can also use a thermal lining curtain to make the space look cozy and warm.

How to make the space look cozy and warm?

Line the Windowsill With Home Herbs

Vegetables, fruits, flowers, and plants will add an organic touch to your home. They will make your place look lively and fresh. We recommend growing herbs because they are visually appealing and can also be used in food. A few herbs for home that you can grow easily include:

  • Lemon Balm: This herb has a citrusy flavor and is also added to potpourri for its scent. It is used in salads and soups, and DIY balms. 
  • Spearmint: Herbs belonging to the mint family don't require much care. Spearmint is known for its refreshing taste that it adds to jellies, teas, breath mints, and drinks. 
  • Chives: This perennial is related to the onion and has an onion-like smell. Its attractive flowers and glass-like leaves are used in salads and soups. 
  • Basil: This herb comes in many forms. From light green to deep purple, not only does it change its color but texture too. Once a basil plant is 6 inches tall, it develops ornamental features. To stop it from reaching maturity, keep pinching it.

Tips to make Your Home Feel Cozy

If you want to learn about herbs, click here to learn how they benefit you.

So, what do you think about these ideas? Make a list of everything you like and know will give your home a warm look, and hit the mall next weekend. 

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Tips to make Your Home Feel Cozy

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