Top 7 Herbs for Calmness

Herbs for Calmness

That feeling of stress, is there anyone who's never experienced it? The answer to that is pretty simple —No. But despite how common it is, chronic stress can cause a multitude of health problems.

Thankfully, we've devised different ways to reduce and eliminate stress. Do you think you can name some techniques for dealing with stress and anxiety?

Well, while you work on your list, we have one we’d like to share with you. Have you ever heard of herbs for calmness? That’s right, there are herbs for stress and anxiety. So, what are they, and how do they work?

Read on as we look at the different herbs for calmness and their perks. But before then, why don’t we look at how these herbs work in calming your stressed bodies?

How Do Herbs Help Calm Your Nerves?

You see, different herbs have different methods of tackling stress. In other words, there is no specific way of calming the nerves. It all depends on the herb used. For instance, some herbs reduce hormones that induce stress in the body. The fewer hormones that cause stress in the body, the calmer you are.

Some other herbs work by changing the way your brain sends signals. What do we mean? Think about it this way; before any signal can be relayed to the body, receptors have to be triggered. Now, some herbs help alter this signaling process, improving results, i.e., promoting relaxation through GABA stimulation.

Another method through which herbs are used for calmness is to improve sleep. That is done by enhancing GABA levels in the body. Ultimately, the main aim is to reduce the causative factors of stress. And at the same time, these herbs improve conditions necessary for relaxation.

What Are the Best Herbs for Calmness?

Okay, we've looked at how these work behind the scenes in promoting calmness. Let's move to our main topic. Here are seven different herbs for calmness you should try out today:

  1. Ashwagandha

Have you ever heard of adaptogens? No? Well, in case you haven't, adaptogens are simply substances, which could be plants or herbs, that affect stress systems and hormones. In other words, they affect the body's regulation of stress levels.

Additionally, ashwagandha has been shown to help reduce cortisol levels. At the same time, this substance helps improve the quality of sleep. In essence, ashwagandha aims to reduce stress-inducing cortisol in the blood, leading to calmness.

As one of the herbs for calmness, ashwagandha can be taken in pills or liquid tincture form. Also read our article about pros and cons of ashwagandha.


  1. Chamomile

Moving on, we have one of the flowering herbs for calmness. Chamomile has been proven to possess anxiolytic effects on the brain. That means this herb can reduce uneasiness or muscle tightness from stress.

Chamomile also contains an antioxidant called apigenin. Wondering what apigenin is for? It simply helps to initiate calmness by binding to the receptors that reduce stress.

  1. Lavender

Next on our list of herbs for calmness is a flowering member of the mint family. Lavender, as an herb, is known for its calming and stress-alleviating properties. Also, lavender is helpful in improving the quality of sleep, so you don't have to stay up all night and be cranky in the morning anymore.

In addition, lavender is also used in making teas and as an essential oil. When we look deeper, we discover that within this lavender lie certain chemicals that possess a calming effect on the brain. Overall, lavender is a good herb for promoting good mood and calmness.


  1. Valerian

The roots of this herb are essential for aiding stress regulation. The herb is native to Europe and Asia and has been employed for many years in promoting calmness in the body. Factors such as lack of sleep are tackled using valerian roots.

Based on research, valerian roots (especially when combined with another herb like passionflower) help to promote sleep by increasing GABA levels in the body. And we all know that proper sleep leads to a calmer mind.

  1. Cannabidiol

Next on our list of herbs for calmness is cannabidiol. Just like its name suggests, cannabidiol is one of the active ingredients in the cannabis plant.

Based on research, the effects of cannabidiol are seen in the central nervous system. In other words, cannabidiol affects the brain to bring about calmness. Its significant impact revolves around how we respond to stress, including emotional responses.

Cannabidiol supplements can be purchased over the counter and taken to increase calmness.

  1. Passionflower

Sleep is an essential factor for calming our bodies. The length and quality of sleep we get affect our stress levels and calmness. Passionflower is one herb that has been proven to aid our sleep. According to research, this flowering herb helps to reduce the time it takes a person to fall asleep.

At the same time, the herb also helps improve the amount of slow-wave sleep we get. Ultimately, these factors contribute to providing a high level of calmness.


  1. Lemon balm

Despite the name, this herb is a green leafy plant from the mint family. The main feature of this herb is the nervous system balance support it provides. That makes it a calm-inducing herb necessary for tackling stress.

Asides from its effect on the nervous system, lemon balm has also been proven to aid digestive and immune health. 


Key Tips for Using Herbs for Calmness

Herbs taken for their calming effects may also interact with other prescription drugs and medications. In that case, we must be careful when picking one or two to avoid adverse effects.

For instance, it's vital that you always consult your doctor before making use of herbal supplements. That is even more necessary when you're on medication.

Bottom Line

Staying calm in today's world at all times is a challenging task. From daily struggles to the academic workload to financial issues, many factors affect our ability to maintain a calm state of mind.

Through thousands of years of use and medical research, herbs have been proven to be valuable tools in our quest for calmness. Therefore, proper use of herbs for calmness makes for a significant first step to better living.

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