Herbs During Pregnancy – 3 Herbs That Are Safe (and Good) for Pregnant Women

Hey, y’all mamas-to-be out there! We know what you’re going through. You’re spending every minute nurturing a new life, which is inarguably the most demanding, transformational, and exciting thing that could ever happen in a woman’s life. However, the fact that every stage of pregnancy comes with its own set of uncomfortable symptoms can often make things a little less exciting and more troublesome. To help make this journey more comfortable, we’ve shortlisted some of the herbs that are known to be safe and good for pregnant women. However, before we discuss them, let’s first answer the most common question that arises whenever we talk about the use of herbs during pregnancy.

Are Herbs Safe to Use During Pregnancy?

Not all of them are! Herbs may have got a bad rap in terms of their safety for pregnant women, but that’s primarily due to a lack of scientific research. Otherwise, there are herbs for every uncomfortable symptom a woman experiences during the whole pregnancy journey. There are also herbs to support healthy pregnancy and safe delivery.

As per the FDA recommendations, pregnant women should always consult their doctor and work with a trained herbalist to ensure safety.

3Herbs That You Can Safely Use During Pregnancy

Following are some of the herbs that are safe and commonly used by pregnant women across the globe:


This incredible plant root has been known for its effectiveness in relieving the symptoms of morning sickness and general nausea and vomiting that women commonly experience during pregnancy. However, be careful not to use it regularly for too long. If your nausea or morning sickness doesn’t seem to go away, alternate ginger with other herbs, such as chamomile.

At Secrets of the Tribe, we offer organic, alcohol-free ginger tincture and chamomile tincture that are safe to use during pregnancy.


Red Raspberry Leaf

Red raspberry leaves are packed with iron. According to the American Pregnancy Association, red raspberry leaves can help relieve nausea, tone the uterus, ease labor pains, and increase milk production. There are also some studies that show that red raspberry leaves may even help reduce complications during pregnancy and the need for interventions at the time of birth.

There is some disagreement over the use of red raspberry leaves during the first trimester. Therefore, its use is not recommended during the first trimester without consultation with a healthcare provider and/or an herbal expert.

You can easily get organic red raspberry tincture, made with leaves, in alcohol-free formulation from us.


Nettle Leaf

Also known as stinging nettle, this herb is one of the basic ingredients found in pregnancy teas. As noted in a research paper published in the International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research, nettle leaf is rich in iron, calcium, vitamins, and minerals, and hence, is considered a good natural source of energy for women during pregnancy as well as post-birth.The herb has also long been used to stimulate and increase milk production after childbirth.

While nettle leaf is completely safe, herbalists recommend not to drink it too much and to avoid it during the first trimester. At Secrets of the Tribe, we have organic herbal formulations of nettle leaf in the form of capsules and tinctures.


These are some of the herbs that are generally safe to use during pregnancy and are not known to cause any negative effects on the mother or child. However, it is still recommended to always consult your gynecologist or an herbal expert before you start using any herb while being pregnant. Whichever herbs you need, get them from us to get the peace of mind that you’re not putting any artificial ingredients into your system.


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