Four Herbs for Headaches

It can be a beautiful, warm day full of sunshine, great film, delicious dinner - but everything turns gray and nasty when you get a headache. It turns out to be difficult to focus and be productive, as well as relax and rest. Terrible, isn’t it?
But you don’t need to go far to find a solution - the answer is around you. So, let us share with you with four opportunities to solve the problem of headache.

Cat’s Happiness And Not Only Their

The small perennial plant is commonly known as catnip, usually reserved for its calming effects on cats, but it also has extensive benefits for a human. Due to the content of terpenoid called nepetalactone, as well as other nutrients Catnip is useful for headache relieving. It is commonly used in the form of tea and essential oil massaging around sore places.

Small Plant With Big Power

Natively growing in the Balkan Mountains of Eastern Europe, Feverfew reaches 90 cm in height. The name “Feverfew” comes from the Latin word “febrifugia,” that means “fever reducer.” This herb is traditionally used in folk medicine to reduce fevers, rheumatoid arthritis, and various kinds of aches including headaches. It’s believed, Feverfew beneficially affects the cardiovascular system relaxing the vessels, which leads to soothing the headache.

Lavender Calm

The benefits of Lavender were found out more than 2,500 years ago. Due to its strong antioxidant, calming, and antidepressant properties, lavender was traditionally used for cosmetic and therapeutic purposes for centuries. Lavender contains a high level of minerals including calcium and iron, as well as retinol, phenolic compounds, and linalool.
Inhaling and rubbing the Lavender oil on the back of the neck and the temples will help to relax and ease a headache.

Not Just a Spice

Rosemary - a sun-loving shrub, natively grows in the south of France is also known as Polar plant and compass-weed. The word “rosemary” gets from the two Latin words: “ros” meaning “dew” and “marinus” meaning “sea.”
This herb is well-known due to its beautiful flavor, and it is often used as an ingredient of various dishes both salty and sweet. In addition, Rosemary plays an important role in medicine. Even smelling the aroma of this herb leads to facilitating the headache symptoms. Besides, it is commonly used in paste or salve forms that can be rubbed in any affected area.

Four Herbs - Four Opportunities to Feel Better

Almost all over the world nature will give you everything you need for your health. Next time you walk around the park or forest, lay on the grass, swim in the river or just smell the aroma of flowers on the windowsill, think about how many wonders surround you at the moment.

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