Migraine: vulnerabilities and secrets

Often, when people talk about headaches, they talk about migraines. But the head can hurt for many different reasons, and migraine is only one of them.

Migraine is a recurring, very strong, sharp, paroxysmal headache localized in one half of the head. Most often it is the same half of the head. Bouts of pain may be accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Also, it may be accompanied by an aura - a short-term visual impairment in the form of a sudden strange smell.

If you have migraine attacks, then in addition to medication, you need to ensure that you get rest. Dim the light, create silence and if possible lie down. If you have an opportunity to sleep at least 15 minutes, it would be useful. Often a short sleep completely removes the symptoms of a headache. If you are taking special medications for migraines, and in general, any painkillers, you shouldn't wait for a severe headache and take them immediately as soon as you feel the first symptoms.

Also, monitor your headache. When it occurs, after which situations? Maybe it occurs more often in the evening, or in the morning. How long it lasts, where it hurts, what kind of pain it is. What helps relieve pain? Whether it is removed by a tablet, or not. Whether it is removed after sleep. It would be a good idea to keep a diary in which all these things would be recorded.

It is important to remember that not every type of headache is a migraine. Headache is a common symptom characteristic of a large number of diseases, not necessarily related to the nervous system. Therefore, if headaches bother you regularly, don't delay going to the doctor and be sure to do a survey.

But if you have headaches not so often, then, in any case, it makes sense for yourself to keep a diary in which you will note in what conditions you have a headache. Very often people don't follow it, although, this is quite important. "I have a headache, I took a pill and forgot about it."  Or you can at least remember because of what and in what conditions it began. So, not to provoke it in the future.

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