Learn the Herbs: Hawthorn

Hawthorns, Crataegus spp., are essentially a large group of plants from the rose family. However, the name Hawthorn is generally used to refer to Crataegusmonogyna; a species generally known as common hawthorn.

Common Hawthorn produces small red berries that are packed with plenty of nutritional and health beneficial compounds. Hawthorn berries are consumed as fruits and are also used in jams, jellies, and candies. All parts of common Hawthorn plant are used in the herbal world for various ailments and health issues.

What Does Hawthorn Contain?

The berries, flowers, and leaves of common Hawthorn are packed with flavonoids and polyphenols. The flowers also contain high amounts of ascorbic acid and tocopherols whereas unripe fruits have polyunsaturated fatty acids. Chlorogenic acids and tirterpenes are also some other active constituents of Hawthorn plant.

A Brief History of Hawthorn Use

Hawthorn plant has traditionally been used to improve digestive, kidney, and heart health. However, it is most highly valued for its heart beneficial properties. The use of Hawthorn for improving heart health can be traced as far back as 1st century Rome. During the Middle Ages,the plant was widely used for a heart condition, called dropsy, which we now know as congestive heart failure. It was also used as a cardiac tonic, to strengthen heart.

The first scientific study regarding the heart beneficial properties of Hawthorn was published in 1896, which means the traditional use wasn’t based on just anecdotal evidence; it was also backed by science.

Health Benefits of Hawthorn

Some of the amazing health benefits of Hawthorn include:

It Improves Heart Health

The traditional use of Hawthorn i.e. for improving cardiovascular health, has also been confirmed by science. Many scientific research studies have investigated the many benefits of Hawthorn plant for heart health and they have found positive evidence. The various beneficial compounds present in Hawthorn berries, leaves, and flowers help improve blood circulation and maintain healthy heart rhythm. The plant has also been found to help improve heart health physically, by improving muscle tone and oxygenation. These heart beneficial properties of Hawthorn are believed to come from oligomeric procyanidins and flavonoids that it contains. It also helps maintains blood pressure and is highly effective against chronic congestive heart failure. Scientists have also found some evidence regarding Hawthorn’s potential for helping with CVDs.

It’s Packed with Antioxidants

Hawthorn berries are one of the best natural sources of polyphenols. These are powerful antioxidants that can offer several benefits to human body, but the most important one is their ability to prevent and fight against free radical damage. Free radicals are the root cause of many chronic health issues.

The fact that the powerful heart beneficial properties of Hawthorn have also been confirmed by modern scientific research provide enough reason for the herb to incorporated into your daily life. Wondering where can you get the herb from? At Secrets of the Tribe, we offer organic Hawthorn tincture and Hawthorn capsules to save you from the hassle of searching for the herb. Buy them today for improving and maintaining healthy heart!



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