Learn the Herbs: Danshen Root

Danshen Root, or Chinese Red Sage, is an incredibly versatile herb, used in Traditional Chinese Medicine since around 200 AD! Not only popular in China, but recognized around the world for its cardiovascular benefits, a handful of Chinese regions have internationally traded Danshen Root for centuries as a staple export.

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One of the most potent heart-healthy herbs found in nature, Danshen Root is often used as a tonic or tea, as the plentiful benefits of this root for the cardiovascular system, including the promotion of blood flow, improvement of blood circulation, and inhibition of platelet aggregation, are second to none. Danshen Root is taken to treat a variety of ailments from circulation issues and menstrual problems to various skin conditions.

This herb is commonly used to relieve chest pains in those suffering from heart disease and can even lower LDL cholesterol levels that can lead to heart attacks or strokes. Many people take Danshen Root preventatively to assist with lowering blood pressure naturally, and to promote healthy blood circulation without increasing blood pressure levels, as well as lower cortisol levels.

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Another incredible property of this herb is its ability to alleviate other debilitating symptoms of cardiovascular and blood vessel diseases, such as insomnia caused by a rapid heartbeat or angina. Danshen Root can also reduce symptoms of chronic asthmatic bronchitis as well as improve lung function, according to early research. Some studies suggest that taking the herb through injection alongside usual treatment may improve kidney function after a kidney transplant.

Aside from its more common uses, Danshen Root is shown to improve skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis, as well as promote healing of bruises and flesh wounds. Many people take this herb both internally and externally, as it delivers different effects based on the method of application. Regardless, Danshen Root holds powerful benefits that you can't ignore.

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