Learn the Herbs: Chamomile

One of the most beloved herbal medicines on the market, you've probably seen it everywhere, from grocery stores to health food outlets, and even as an ingredient in skin care. While you might be familiar with Chamomile's sedative effects, did you know about this herb's many other powerful health benefits?

Q: “What does a tea bag do when it’s tired?”

If you've tried Chamomile tea, you're sure to notice its instantaneous calming effect. The ancient practice of sipping herbal tea before bedtime still stands strong to this day. Although, have you ever considered drinking Chamomile in the morning? This relaxing brew can assist in regulating the body's Cortisol levels, which is our body's primary stress hormone that regulates a wide range of natural processes, including metabolism and the immune response.

Chamomile is proven to lower the body's natural stress levels, which in turn can alleviate a multitude of symptoms caused by other various health conditions, especially those related to pressure or tension. If you have a history of suffering from headaches, migraines, or general aches and pains throughout the day, drinking a cup of Chamomile tea in the morning can help to take the edge off of these specific symptoms.

A: “It steeps!”

If you've ever struggled with maintaining focus on the task at hand or retaining information/remembering things throughout the day, Chamomile might have you covered. Drinking this herbal tea can lower your blood pressure, which induces that smooth and calming effect that we've mentioned earlier. This process facilitates concentration and even memory retention by allowing your body and mind to ease up, relax, and be involved in the present moment.

Chamomile is the perfect, all-inclusive herb that's revered by all ages and genders for delivering that sweet, “warm fuzzy” feeling, which is probably why people all around the world consume over one million cups of Chamomile tea per day. It's an excellent supplement for those who are overworked, or with an over-stressed mind and body, to ease the spirit, as well as an array of symptoms from inflammation to insomnia.


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