What Herbal Products We Use: Secrets of the Tribe Employee Stories

What Herbal Products We Use

Members of our Secrets of the Tribe team all have vastly different tastes and opinions: someone prefers a cappuccino, another enjoys a matcha latte; someone is a cat lover, another adores dogs; someone joined the company already knowing the benefits of herbs, another simply landed on an interesting job without really believing in herbalism. But what our employees have in common is that they’ve all tested the effectiveness of herbal supplements from their own experience. And now they are not merely employees, but also loyal users of our own products.

We asked several of our employees to share their first experiences with our herbal products; here's what they told us.

What Herbal Products We Use

Anne’s story:

“A year ago, I got sick very often, from one illness to another for 4 months without respite. It made life very difficult. My health was deteriorating and my doctor strongly recommended improving my immunity so my body could recover more easily and fight new microbes faster.
I decided to try Tribal Shield as it gently boosts immunity — just what I needed.
The result was noticeable after 1.5 weeks, when I began to feel generally better. I also started feeling more energetic. 
Since I started taking Tribal Shield, I haven’t gotten sick once, meaning it helped me achieve my most important goal.
I appreciate the natural benefits of our herbal products, so I usually place large orders. And not only for myself, but also for my whole family — including the dog!”

Rick’s story:

“I started working for the company not long ago and I’ve just tried the tincture for the first time, so my story is more about my scientific curiosity. I've read various reviews about herbal supplements, but I'm used to testing and building opinions from my own experience. Therefore, when I started this job, I immediately ordered a blend to try — Dream Secret to help with my sleep difficulties. 
On the first night after taking the blend, I immediately fell asleep and slept like a baby.
And that trend only continued from there.
Now I continue to take Dream Secret — not every day, but according to need, when I feel it will be difficult for me to fall asleep.”

Dana’s story:

“In fact, I didn't really need anything. Everything was fine with my health, I had nothing to complain about. But I was still interested in trying the herbal products I’m working on. So I decided to choose what seemed the most universally beneficial for me and I landed on Yoga Secret. “Restores vitality and promotes mind rejuvenation” — just what I needed.
When I was choosing what to try, my life was calm and stable. But once the blend arrived, life had changed, and I was facing significantly more disturbing factors. And as I realized later, the fact that I chose this particular product was a huge blessing for me.
After a few days of use, I noticed that I felt quite good even though my emotional state had suffered greatly, which affected not only my general mood, but also my productivity.
After a few more days, it became easier for me to focus and concentrate, and I felt more confident. Moreover, all these benefits happened very smoothly — no sharp jumps or sudden changes in well-being. The best way, in my opinion.
This is how Yoga Secret saved me from drowning in anxiety and made me feel better.”

Our company employs team members who are hungry for knowledge, selective, curious, passionate about their work, and eager to become better. And they know better than anyone that the products they create are the best.

And how about you? What were your first experiences with our herbal products like?

What Herbal Products We Use

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