Tips to overcome stress. Part II

We've prepared even more ways of dealing with stress, so you can find the best solution for you.

  1. Direction of our thinking.
    The rule “be in the present moment”. We think a lot about the future and regret the past. As a result, we do not live in the present. Living on autopilot, we lose control of our lives, since all decisions are made by themselves. To return to the present, pay attention to what surrounds you, what is happening to you, what you are thinking about, how you are feeling. 
    Start to practice the principle of “being in the present moment” from the simplest. Pay attention to the actions that have become regular to you. For example, going your usual way from work home, try to monitor your reactions, emotions that arise when you see, hear or smell something. So you can capture and analyze even the most insignificant things and situations that affect your emotional state.

  2. Change the breath.
    What happens to a person when they are emotionally excited? The production of hormones increases, the pulse quickens, the pressure rises, breathing becomes faster and more shallow. We can't consciously change our own heart rate or lower blood pressure; we can't force the adrenal glands to stop producing adrenaline and norepinephrine. But, we can change the breath. The fact is that just as an emotional state affects breathing, through breathing we can influence how we feel.

  3. The correct schedule of work and rest.
    Constantly staying in a state of burning deadlines and outstanding tasks is the best environment for the development of nervousness and endless space for sources of stress. We often overestimate the importance of some things and underestimate others. So, we often neglect meeting with friends and talking with family. We don't want to waste time on relaxation, and instead of reading a favorite book, we choose to write a report. However, timely rest is also necessary for our body, like a dream or a balanced diet. Because, one day the resources of our body will run out. 

  4. Before bedtime.
    Another way to influence the psychic through physiology is to take a bath before bedtime. In warm water, your body warms up, muscles relax, and as a result, your mind calms down.

  5. Food.
    Food should not only saturate us but also enrich our body with nutrients such as dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals.
    Also, remember that in addition to the health benefits, food can be a source of pleasure. Try to choose a combination of products that will not only saturate but also delight you.

  6. Sleep.
    Make a sleep schedule that is suitable for you. On average, a person needs to sleep about 7-9 hours a day. Chronic lack of sleep adversely affects not only your immune system, resulting in a significantly increased likelihood of getting sick, but also cognitive function. Your attention and concentration will deteriorate, it will be more and more difficult to focus, your memory will become worse. In addition, your emotional state will become increasingly unstable, so it will be easier to make you nervous.

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