Tips to overcome stress. Part I

There are many different ways to deal with stress. For each person, they can work in different ways. Read, try and find what is most effective for you!

  1. What's the cause of stress?
    The first and most important method to deal with stress is to eliminate its cause. Often we endure pressure at work, huge workloads, an uncomfortable schedule to ensure career advancement, high salary, respect of acquaintances and other things that seem to be of primary importance to us. But, very often at the cost of this, is our own health. So, you need to make a choice. In today's world, a person with imagination and perseverance can always find a job that will make him happy and bring him enough money.

  2. There are two types of problems - solvable and unsolvable.
    If you understand that you can't eliminate the stressful situation at the moment, you still have the opportunity to change your attitude to this situation. As always, saying this is much easier than putting it into practice.
    There are two types of problems - solvable and unsolvable, and they need to be able to be distinguished. If the situation can be fixed, do it. If not, stop focusing on that and think about things that really matter. Learn from what is happening and move on. Constantly thinking about unsolvable life problems, increase your nervous tension.

  3. Physical activity.
    One of the proven ways to deal with stress is physical activity. Physical exercises stimulate the production of endorphins and serotonin, accelerate the conduction of nerve impulses to the pleasure center located in the brain, give joy, vitality, and a feeling of lightness.
    To become happy in sports, you need to exercise regularly, but training shouldn't lead to the accumulation of fatigue. The body must have time to recover, otherwise, it will work for wear and tear, which will lead to a deterioration in well-being and mood.

  4. Relaxation techniques.
    A great helper in the fight against stress is various relaxation techniques. For example, remember your feelings after a massage. Not only the body is relaxed, but also thoughts are getting organized. The thing is that our physical and mental states are inextricably linked. And influencing one, you inevitably change the other.
    In some parts of our body, tension “builds up” the most. So, by making careful massage of the cheekbones and shoulders, kneading muscles and improving blood flow, you will remove the accumulated stress.

  5. Yoga.
    Yoga is a combination of physical activity and relaxation techniques. Performing exercises, you begin to feel and understand your body better (so, during classes, you can start feeling the tension in the muscles, the existence of which you didn't even suspect). When you do yoga - you do not need to rush. You focus on your own sensations, learn to feel your body and understand the relationship between bodily and mental sensations.

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