Tips for becoming more eco-friendly

So,  you’ve recognized the importance of caring for the environment and want to become more eco-friendly. What's the first thing to do? Let's start with what not to do. The very first thing you should not do is get rid of all the plastic in your life and buy more environmentally friendly alternatives to replace it. Why? Because if you already have all this plastic, then a much better solution would be to use it for its intended purpose as long as you possibly can and at the same time, avoid producing more garbage.

In general, reusability is one of the main pillars of sustainable behavior. Namely, if what you already have — say, a plastic lunch container — is in good condition, use it with pleasure, and don’t throw it away just to buy a replacement made of glass. However, instead of buying a pack of disposable cocktail straws, you can buy several metal or bamboo ones. After use, they can be washed and used again. As an added bonus, they’re quite stylish. And they don't pollute the environment, of course.

The same goes for all manner of shopping bags — string bags and reusable bags for vegetables and fruits. Choose bags made of cloth rather than plastic; you can buy a couple of them, roll them up and stash them in your purse or the trunk of your car. That way, when you have a sudden need to stop at the store, you already have a bag to carry your purchases home and you don’t have to buy another one-off grocery bag (it doesn't matter if it's plastic or paper — let's save all resources, shall we?).

For those who like to drink coffee and tea on the run, there’s always a way to become more environmentally friendly. Instead of using another paper cup with a plastic lid, ask the barista to make the drink in your own cup, which you can also carry with you. Eco cups come in bamboo, glass and even recyclable silicone. By the way, if you’re worried about your cup taking up too much space in your bag, you can opt for a folding silicone cup that collapses into itself when not in use. Moreover, coffee shops often offer discounts for visitors who bring their own cup ;)

The last point is devoted to less obvious yet no less important factors. First, there is the problem of cotton swabs. The solution to this one is simple — instead of plastic, you can choose those made of bamboo or paper. And secondly, an even more invisible problem: glitter. If you’re interested in cosmetics and you like to create bright makeup looks, then you are probably partial to all kinds of shiny textures. They do look great — but they can also be quite harmful to the environment. How? Because many glitters and shimmery shadows are made of microplastics. So, what if you want to shine brightly and be eco-friendly? Look for sparkles that do not contain microplastics. Instead, you can go for mica (which is just as shiny!) or cellulose. And voila — just like that, you’re beautiful and eco-friendly at the same time!

What are your methods for becoming more eco-friendly?

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