The menstrual cycle and its effect on our health

The menstrual cycle affects a person’s mood, libido, and physical well-being. These changes are associated with hormonal restructuring in the body.

There are a couple of phases in the menstrual cycle:

  1. Follicular. This begins on the first day of your period. During this period, an egg matures in the ovaries. The length of the follicular phase depends on how quickly the egg matures.
  2. Luteal. When the egg matures and leaves its follicle, it is time for the luteal phase, which lasts until the beginning of the next monthly period (on average 12-14 days).

Estrogen and progesterone are hormones that regulate the menstrual cycle. The level of estrogen gradually increases with the beginning of menstruation, along with improved energy, appearance and mood.

Thanks to estrogen, we feel a surge of strength, lightness, and motivation. It’s a great time for new plans, completing difficult tasks and training.

This continues until ovulation, which coincides with the peak of estrogen.

After ovulation, estrogen is replaced by progesterone, which brings many changes: mood swings, fatigue, increased sweating, sebum production and fluid retention in the body, along with a reduced pain threshold.

In addition, insulin sensitivity reduces: you might continuously crave sweets, but satiation never comes. High blood sugar causes bloating and increases mood swings and fatigue.

To help yourself, reduce your salt and sugar intake and eat more foods rich in vitamins B6, C, magnesium, and zinc. Choose gentle and soothing workouts: yoga, stretching, dancing. Don't touch your face or hair too often and use cosmetics with an antibacterial effect. 

People can have very different receptivity to the phase of the cycle. Moreover, susceptibility can also change over time. Some women may experience extreme sensitivity to the phase of the cycles and face strong changes in mood and physical condition, while other women might not experience any changes.

It’s important to know what works in the body and how. A regular cycle means that your body is doing well. If your cycle is broken, our Cycle Regulator blend will help you restore proper function. We also offer Women's Secret Blend to support the entire body and your overall health.

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