The Benefits of Running and Some Rules to Run with Pleasure

Improvement of health, the extension of life expectancy, moral well-being: the practice of running is a source of a thousand benefits. While everyone believes that running is a great exercise, some argue against the idea of running every day. It seems logical that the more you practice, the more you benefit from it, but it is partially true. This article shares the right ways to do running and its benefits.

So, if you're a training enthusiast or have just started running to lose weight, don't miss out on the information below.

Benefits of Running

Maintains Your Weight

Running is a very effective way to accelerate the burning of calories. Even in relatively short training sessions too. Beyond weight loss, running allows you to build muscle and therefore refine your silhouette. It targets many muscles such as the legs and the abdominals that help maintain posture. A super fitness ally!

Prevents Cardiovascular and other Diseases

There is no doubt that moderate physical activity, which precisely strengthens the heart, is recommended for people who have suffered from major diseases since it has been proven to increase the chances of remission.

An Anti-Stress Remedy

Numerous scientific publications have confirmed that physical exercise accelerates the creation of new neurons, stimulates memory, and plays a positive role in treating depression.

And, you don't need any study to realize that running allows you to clear your mind with a simple breath of fresh air. You just have to enjoy it! After a stressful day, it is a moment of your own in a world that goes too fast.

Running Boosts Mental Health

So many small victories forge the mind and lead you to believe that nothing is impossible if you give yourself the means. It is so rewarding when the challenge is accomplished! Running contributes a lot to self-esteem and the ability to resist mentally.

However, listen to yourself despite all these benefits. Do not run (even slowly) if a persistent discomfort in muscle or tendon appears or if unusual symptoms, such as head spinning, pain in the chest, etc., are identified. With this said, the question about the surface arises.

Asphalt or Soft Surface?

According to the possibilities offered by the place you live, the surfaces on which you run vary. Everyone has heard that running on a hard surface is terrible for your knees, back and feet than running on a soft surface. But is it true?

Yes, a hard surface, such as asphalt, causes shocks, traumas and mechanical stresses on the cartilage, knees, ankles, back, hips and sometimes even feet. For this reason, people who are heavy - or suffering from joint problems - are advised to run on grass or dirt, surfaces that are gentler on the joints. Running on a hard surface in the long term can even promote osteoarthritis.

Make the Right Choices

It is important to alternate the surfaces on which you run to avoid injury. Let's not forget that everything also depends on your weight and the shoes you're wearing.

The softer the ground, the more the shoes should provide stability to the feet. The harder the ground, the more cushioning the shoes must provide for optimal comfort. Just make the right choices to continue running.

Rest to Recover

Another critical factor is the rest. You need days off from running to give your body rest and time to repair, especially if you do excessive running.

Injuries such as shin splints, tendinitis, and other such issues are common among runners. It is believed that giving the body time to repair itself reduces the risk of these injuries, which can put you on the sidelines for a week, a month or more. You may also feel better and stronger during your runs after a day off.

Also, don’t forget to integrate dietary supplements into your daily intake to meet nutritional requirements and energy.

Now you know the benefits of running and the harm it can cause if you do it every day without rest and that on a hard surface with the wrong shoes. Do not forget to share this information with your family and friends.

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