Natural Detox

When the liver works, everything works. That’s what knowledge and evidence shows. This organ plays an essential detoxifying role in the body. Nature, in its infinite wisdom, always gives us wonderful solutions. A number of herbs, studied for years, can be your health’s great ally. This article will explore the best herbs to detoxify your body.

Due to their diuretic properties, you can use the following herbs for natural detox. They help eliminate retained fluids through urine and contribute to the detoxification of the liver.


This plant native to Europe and Asia has more benefits than you think. It is a perfect ally to detoxify the liver due to the presence of antioxidants and flavonoids in high amounts. In addition, due to its vitamin A content, it also helps to have better digestion. The easiest way to consume it is through infusions or teas, but you can also use its supplements available in herbal stores and online.


Milk Thistle

According to popular wisdom, milk thistle is one of the most effective plants for detoxifying the liver and at the same time improving kidney health. Milk thistle has a substance called Similarin, which is responsible for regenerating and cleaning the Liver; so consuming it will bring you great benefits.

When consumed as an infusion, milk thistle would help relieve inflammation of the liver (if any) and contribute to the elimination of retained fluids through urine. It is also believed to reduce the negative impact caused by drugs and alcohol that attack the liver directly. If you infuse it, it can become a bit bitter so it is advisable to sweeten it. You can also get it from a reliable herbalist in tincture or capsule form.


Licorice is a wonderful herb that can be used as a natural detox of the body. It contains a substance called Glycyrrhine, which is perfect for eliminating toxins from the liver. It can cleanse the blood and impurities from the body.

You can consume Licorice in many ways, and one of the most popular is its extracts. Licorice extract can be taken three times a day, but people with blood pressure problems or other health issues should avoid it without consulting their doctor.


This plant, in addition to being delicious, is perfect for taking care of our body, thanks to the fact that it cleanses and detoxifies. Thanks to its compounds, Artichoke has high purifying, detoxifying and diuretic power. It favors and improves liver function and in turn regenerates liver tissues.

On the other hand, the Caffeic acid and flavonoids present in it relieve stomach discomfort and protect it from various problems such as gastroenteritis or ulcers. It is also an edible that is high in vitamins and minerals. The richest way to obtain its properties is simmered. Its supplements are available, in tincture and capsule form.

Now you know that consuming natural herbs brings great benefits to the body, primarily if used to eliminate toxins and elements that the body does not need. Your body, especially your liver, works all the time, so giving it a little help doesn't sound like a bad idea. Consuming any of these herbs as an infusion or mixed in food or supplement form is an easy and effective alternative.

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