Mysterious Hypnosis

Hmm, what will we talk about today? A watch on a chain, a couch, slow words...

Did you guess? Yeah, we are talking about hypnosis.

There are various rumors about hypnosis. For example, with its help you can cure anything, make someone love you or make behave in a strange way (like a duck, for example). But these are only rumors.

What actually is hypnosis?

This is when a person goes into a special condition called trance, in which brain activity changes. We fall into a trance when we are very concentrated on something, when we indulge in memories from our favorite music, for example. This means everyone is familiar with this condition.

It is wrong to compare hypnosis with sleep. In a state of hypnosis, attention and concentration are sharpened, even though a person can look relaxed and sometimes close their eyes. At the same time, during the trance, the critical perception of the information received falls.

TV shows and movies show us a false picture of hypnosis, where a person forgets everything that happened to them and becomes a doll in the hands of a hypnotist who can do with them whatever he wants. In reality, in a state of trance, you can control your body and after the session, you will remember what happened to you.

In the demonstration performances of hypnotists, some people did show a complete dependence on the hypnotist. This is easily explained by psychologists: on stage, a person is more receptive to the expectations of the audience, or he can also be in cahoots with the hypnotist.

Not all people can enter into a trance state with a hypnotist. This is related to the degree of hypnotic suggestibility, which is associated with the peculiarities of the human brain and some of its personal characteristics (emotionality, shyness, trustfulness, etc.).

A couple of centuries ago (late 18th – early 19th century) hypnosis was used to treat various diseases, mainly mental (panic disorder, depression, hysteria).

Maybe we should go back to hypnosis and forget about the doctors... Or not?

Hypnosis can really help in some matters. Namely: relieve pain, cope with insomnia, dependence on nicotine and alcohol, relieve anxiety, help in the treatment of phobias and depression. 

However, it won’t increase your iron levels or correct your posture. So, hypnosis isn't a panacea for all illnesses, but it can be a good helper in recovering from diseases, injuries, and treating some of them.

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