How to Deal with a Runny Nose? 4 Natural Ways That Work

Difficulty in breathing, blocked ears, inability to taste food, and constant sneezes and sniffles. We have all experienced these symptoms and know that they often come along with a runny nose. Runny noses are not only annoying, but they also affect the quality of your life and leave you feeling low and groggy.

Caused by weather changes, environmental allergies, and irritants that inflame the nasal passage, it’s not practically possible to completely avoid a runny nose. However, there are various ways to deal with a runny nose without having to visit a doctor or popping pills. Following are some long known effective tips and remedies to get relief from a runny nose and the host of other uncomfortable symptoms that come with it:

Have a Hot Drink

Sipping on a hot drink is not only comforting for an irritated throat, but it also helps open up the airways. Some scientific research also backs this age-old home remedy for cold. A 2009 research study found that hot beverages can help reduce the symptoms of a cold by stimulating a nerve connected to the nasal and oral cavities. The study also found that a hot drink provides immediate and sustained relief from runny nose, sneezing, cough, sore throat, tiredness, and chilliness.

Many herbs have decongestant properties and work great when added to teas. Make yourself a hot cup of herbal tea with ginger, chamomile, mint, or peppermint when you’re down with a runny nose to get relief.

Take Steam

Soothe the inner nasal lining, thin out mucus, and relieve sinus congestion by inhaling hot water steam. This time-tested method is also supported by scientific findings. A research study conducted in 2015 found that steam inhalation offered faster and better relief from the symptoms of common cold.

For better results, add a few drops of an herbal tincture to your steam water. Peppermint, tea tree, eucalyptus, rosemary, and thyme are some of the best-known herbs to help with congestion and runny nose. You can also try out our Allergy Secret Extract for quick and effective results.


Use a Warm Compress

Placing a warm compress on your nose and forehead repeatedly can help relieve runny nose and irritated sinuses. If you don’t have a compress, you can also use a soft cloth moistened with warm water.

Rinse Your Sinuses Using a Neti Pot

The idea of inhaling a saline solution from one nostril and excreting it out from the other seems uncomfortable. However, it works great for runny nose, nasal discomfort, and sinus problems. A neti pot helps clear out the sinuses, removing the mucus and debris, like dust, pollen, or other allergens that can irritate or inflame the nasal passages.

When using a neti pot, make sure to read all the instructions and follow them to the dot.


A runny nose and the other symptoms that often come along with it are uncomfortable. But, you don’t always have to reach out for medications. These natural methods also provide great relief. Try them out the next time you’re under the weather to get relief naturally.


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