How to be energetic without power engineers

We suppose after reading this headline, you were hoping to get some effective ways to easily and quickly become very energetic? Sorry, but no. Today we will again tell you about the importance of such "banal" things as sleep, nutrition, physical activity, proper rest, attention to your thoughts and emotions and other stuff. Just because these things really work.

As a new year's gift, we will share with you a few quick ways to cheer up, when "I really need it, and I will certainly start eating and sleeping correctly, but starting next Monday, next week, if there is time left.”

So why do we feel broken, depressed, and sluggish like a wilted dill? Maybe it's because we don't get enough sleep. (Oh no, that's crazy) 

We once told you about the study, about the correlation between sleep and immunity (if you suddenly missed it, you can read it here).

Of course, nutrition also influences a lot on our health. Food should not only saturate but also give the necessary vitamins and minerals.

You have probably noticed that after a long time spent working even in the most comfortable chair, productivity will gradually fall, and drowsiness will grow. Salvation is physical activity. And it is not necessary to run marathons, you can just allocate 15 minutes a day for exercise or go for a walk, clearing your head from unnecessary thoughts and admiring the world around you at the same time.

Don't be surprised at the constant feeling of fatigue, if your only rest is a short - term sleep. Not only should the body should take a rest, but you should rest your mind as well. And for this, it is important to switch to other activities.

But what to do if you haven't yet started changing your life, and you need energy right now. 

  1. Once again: exercises. Do a few push-UPS or sit-UPS. You can repeat it every 30 minutes until you allow yourself to go to sleep.
  2. Take a contrast shower. 
  3. Open the windows and ventilate the room, and at the same time slightly lower the temperature in the room. It is much easier to stay awake when it's a little bit cold
  4. Aromatic oils such as citrus or mint will help to cheer you up. There are also special aroma compositions that will be useful.

And remember that these tricks, although they help to cheer up for a while, they are not a substitute for the daily routine. So finally get a grip and take care not only of your productivity but also of your health!

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