Soothe Yourself: Five Herbs for Minor Aches

Everyone aches from time to time; no one is exempt, what one does about it is what really matters. Should you take pills? Medicine? How about a more natural alternative, something from the past? The gifts of nature are at your disposal. People from all over the world have used different plants and herbs to combat minor aches and improve overall health. Let’s take a look at five herbs for minor aches.


Famous for its curcumin this herb is a powerful soothing agent. Reputable scientific studies have called curcumin one of the most effective anti-inflammatory compounds in the world, and it has led to its popularity in different countries where turmeric root is used to soothe aches. Minor stomach pains are a frequent target of this herb.

White Willow

Widely-known as an analgesic, white willow’s positive effect is achieved through a generous amount of tannins. In many parts of Asia white willow is used to help soothe the bursa that counters friction in the joints. Today the benefits of white willow bark have been extended to western countries and it is one of many herbs for minor pains.

Green Tea

Famous across the globe, green tea has been used for ages to soothe the body. Today even more so, green tea leaf is used in everything from beverages to ice creams and more. Green tea can soothe the stomach while providing an energy boost; it is not surprising that it continues to be a part of a healthy diet.


People have taken note of the healing properties of Tanacetum parthenium and have baptized it "feverfew" due to its ability to weaken fevers. The soothing properties of feverfew help fight common colds and headaches. Feverfew is now an indispensable part of the first-aid kit of folk healers.


A potent herb, Frankincense’s origins are in Saudi Arabia where people use its resin to fight different kinds of pain. It is well known that frankincense helps combat minor stomach pains. Frankincense has been widely used across the world to reduce minor menstrual discomforts.

As you can see, nature has a couple of aces up its sleeve to help us combat those minor pains. These five herbs for minor aches are widely available today and will become a powerful ally in your search for comfort.

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  • I love natural medicine and i believe on it more than any other thing

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