Herbs from the USA

The majority of the world-famous herbs seem to be from South and East Asia, and the USA either imports most of them or harvests them. While it is true that most herbs and plants travel to the USA from overseas, it doesn’t mean that America doesn’t have its collection of highly beneficial native herbs.

While there are plenty of herbs that originated in the USA, here we are listing down the top five ones and their primary uses:

White Sage

White Sage or bee sage is an herb native to the southwestern United States. Long before the modern research on the herb began, natives used it for plenty of medicinal and spiritual reasons. The leaf of white sage has medicinal benefits and helps relieve the symptoms of digestive issues, such as stomach pain, bloating, diarrhea, and loss of appetite. White sage is also commonly used to help relieve the symptoms of depression, Alzheimer’s disease, and overproduction of saliva.  You can get your hands on the authentic USA-grownorganic white sage tincture from the Secrets Shop.


Found in the southern and eastern parts of the USA, Alex glabra or inkberry has long been used effectively for acid refluxes, blood disorders, and arthritis. The leaves of the plant are used for these purposes. They are also found to contain small amounts of caffeine.


Lobelia is native to the United States and Canada and was named after the French botanist Matthias de L’Obel. While there are more than 300 species of lobelia worldwide, the one found in the USA is known by the names of Indian tobacco, Vomitwort, or Asthma weed.

As the monikers suggest, this herb has medicinal properties and helps in expelling mucus and clearing out the respiratory tract. It is also a useful herb for those trying to quit smoking and recover from alcohol addiction. Due to its respiratory health benefits, it is a beneficial tincture to have in your household.


Echinacea is a very popular herb in American folk medicine and has been in use for centuries. Some of its top uses include boosting the immune system and maintaining a healthy body. Today, it is found in numerous dietary supplements.

Echinacea also has a variety of topical uses. Due to its many benefits, you’d find Echinacea available in a wide range of herbal tinctures.


Cranberry is one of the most popular herbs of all time. Almost 98% of the world’s cranberry is cultivated in the northern US and Canada. Cranberry has many uses, but it is most widely known and scientifically proven to be the single most effective preventive measure against urinary tract infection. It is also anti-asthmatic and promotes excellent digestive health.

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