What Are The Best Herbs For Detoxing Liver? 5 Herbs for your Liver Health

herbs for detoxing liver

Every organ is vital for our day-to-day life and the slightest disturbance can cause serious problems for our body and health in general. One of the most vital of these organs is the liver which regulates a lot of body functions.

At the top of these functions are hormone regulation (read our list of herbs for hormone balance), body sugar regulation, energy storage, immune responses, and the removal of toxins. But like we said earlier, any slight disturbance to the liver can cause problems due to poor functioning of the organ.

Ordinarily, the liver produces a substance bile and this helps to rid the body of waste products and toxins. But what happens when the liver can no longer function properly? These toxins accumulate and that’s very dangerous.

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So, we don't want our livers getting filled with toxins so what do we do? One solution lies in maintaining a healthy feeding habits. While the liver is known for its regenerative characteristics, you still need to do your part in keeping it safe. For instance, have you ever thought of adding herbs to your diet?

5 Herbs For Detoxing Liver

We hear herbs and immediately think of traditional practices of searching for some obscure plants and harnessing their medical properties with convoluted processes. That may have been the case back then, but thanks to supplements, you can get the benefits of a herb without all that stress.

Read on as we look at 5 different herbs for detoxing liver as well as other tips you need to follow for better liver health.


Kicking off our list of herbs for detoxing liver is this well-known yellow spice. Turmeric is known as the spice that gives curry its yellow color but when we dive deeper, we discover benefits beyond its colouring abilities.

Firstly, to talk about the importance of turmeric to the liver, we need to talk about its major compound – curcumin. Curcumin is essential due to its anti-inflammatory functions. You see, when the inflammatory responses are prolonged, they become toxic to the body leading to bigger damage. However, curcumin helps combat that by counteracting this prolonged inflammation.

As a result, it helps damaged organs heal and fights off unwanted substances from the body. You can take this herb as a supplement.


For as long as one can remember, ginger has been adopted into recipes and diets aimed at promoting well-being. When it's not used to cook meals, ginger is used as a herbal supplement that provides relief to people with nausea and prolonged inflammation.

Speaking of inflammation, ginger is one of the useful herbs for detoxing liver as it contains antioxidants that help reduce inflammation in the body. Another major benefit is that regular consumption of ginger leads to increased antibody response. And we all know how important antibody response is to keep the liver free of toxins.

Ginger can be used, fresh or dried, to make herbal tea or you can procure ginger supplements from us to add to your meals.


Garlic is a common ingredient in almost all forms of cooking. But before it became popular as a cooking ingredient, it was used as a supplement for providing relief to individuals with health-related cases.

Garlic as a herbal supplement was so important back then that even Hippocrates recommended the use of it. Garlic also proved useful due to the sulfur compounds it contains. These compounds have positive effects on all parts of the body including the liver where it reduces the amount of heavy metals in the body that cause damage.

Garlic can be consumed easily as it's a great spice for your meals. They’re also garlic pastes, oil, extracts, and supplements that are safe for consumption.


Next on our list of herbs for detoxing liver is a plant characterized by its long, beige roots. This herb makes the list because of its multiple benefits. For instance, burdock is packed with antioxidants that protect the cells of the liver and other organs from free radicals.

Also, it provides anti-inflammatory effects on the body, making it easier for organs like the liver to respond to or recover from pathogens. Most importantly, the active ingredients in burdock help in the removal of harmful toxins from the body, leading to improved liver health.

Burdock, like other herbs for detoxing liver, can be consumed in different ways. The roots can be made into tea, it also comes in powder and the extracts can also be added into various recipes. You can also easily get this as a supplement.


Also known as kasni or kasani, chicory is a tuberous plant that grows mostly during winter. It has its purposes both in the kitchen as an ingredient and in the body as a herbal supplement. For hundreds of years, chicory has been employed as a herbal remedy due to its impressive benefits.

Firstly, chicory is important as it helps regulate the level of blood glucose, lipid, and uric acid. This is an important function because accumulation of uric acid can be toxic.

Added to these regulatory functions are its antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. Finally, chicory can be used to reduce inflammation.

The chicory tubers can be added to your salads or as a side dish. You can also bake chicory to eat as a snack. The chicory root supplement can also be your companion in your day to day movement.

Other Tips for Keeping Your Liver Health In Check

Besides adding herbs for detoxing liver to your meals, there are other ways to keep your liver safe and in check. They include regular lifestyle choices that affect your health in the long run. They include:

  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Drinking alcohol sparingly to protect the liver from damage
  • Adopting regular exercise regimens

It’s important to note that a healthy liver means a healthy life because what we eat and how we live affect the organ as well as its functioning.


We are what we eat. Therefore, it’s important to ensure your diet consists of only the best meals and supplements. One easy way of achieving this is by adding herbal supplements to your diet and eating plans, especially herbs for detoxing liver.

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