4 Best Herbs for the Respiratory Health

We are playing a very active role in destroying our planet. Sadly, due to the immense amount of air pollution, the world we live in today isn’t the best for our respiratory health. Fortunately for us, nature is the gift that keeps on giving. We are blessed with so many plants that help keep our lungs strong.

Herbs and home remedies can help us with numerous respiratory problems, including:

  • Clearing chest congestion
  • Soothing inflamed airways
  • Easing blocked nasal passage
  • Reducing the symptoms of cold and flu such as sneezing, coughing, and swollen glands

Without further ado, let’s learn about some of the best herbs for respiratory health:


Peppermint is one of the most popular herbs for the respiratory system, and rightfully so. This herb is a natural antihistamine and also contains anti-inflammatory properties. Taking peppermint during the winters will prevent the allergens from entering your body and inflaming your respiratory tract. As a result, your airways will stay unblocked. Even in the case of severe chest infections, this herb will soothe your airway tract.

Marshmallow Roots

Marshmallows thrive in moist environments, such as garden beds. As a result, marshmallows develop a slimy property, which gives them a supreme moisturizing effect. For that reason, this herb does a good job of soothing a dry and irritated respiratory system. People who suffer from dry coughing would also find marshmallow roots extremely beneficial.



Yarrow is a native European and Asian herb and has a long history of being used as an herbal medicine for respiratory conditions. The herb is even said to be the Greek's go-to treatment option for the bleeding soldiers during the Trojan war.  Due to its strong anti-inflammatory properties, yarrow is a great solution for dry coughs. This herb is even one of the prominent ingredients in most cough syrups.



Licorice root has many health benefits, and one of them is protecting the respiratory system and soothing dry, itchy, and irritated throat. Licorice works by boosting the secretion of healthy mucus and clearing the nasal passage through phlegm. Licorice herb provides instant relief from sore throat, blocked nose, coughing, and numerous other respiratory issues.


The aforementioned herbs have passed the test of time and space and have been used for centuries by people all over the world for respiratory issues. It is strongly advised that pregnant or nursing ladies and people on prescribed medicines must consult their doctor before using any herbal remedies. Once you are approved to use the herbs, head over to the Secrets Shop to refill your stack and to breathe more easily.

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