Natural Remedies for Loved Ones

When humanity ceases to exist and A.I, aliens or both look upon our fossilized remains and "iPhone 6,000S+" pics they will most likely be perplexed and find us rather odd.

I am certain that they will notice in almost every archived still-frame a small or large furry creature, posing, playing and occasionally dressed in ridiculous outfits, our bond with each other clear and defined. To call a dog, cat, rabbit, or other "a pet" is a privilege indeed, one that should be afforded to those who truly are prepared to cultivate a friendship unlike any that a human can offer.

This responsibility includes among many other things, ensuring the survival, shelter and emotional stability of our friend in exchange for unconditional love, yes unconditional, unwavering, absolute love, a kind of love hard to find nowadays. If a dog is man’s best friend though than vet bills are surely man’s prime nemesis. 16.6 billion! No, I’m not talking about how many years will pass before aliens arrive, I’m talking about the amount of money spent last year by Americans alone on veterinary care. (per The American Pet Products Association) That’s a lot of treats for human and pet alike, right? Well I don’t know about you, but those kinds of numbers have me looking for alternatives and thankfully I blog for a company that has them so my little Doxil and my wallet are better for it.

Herbal supplements are completely safe for our little ones, alcohol-free tinctures are generally made with vegetable-derived glycerin and this option is always prime. The herbal options are vast and a lot of them act as preventatives against a vast number of diseases and ailments that can target our companions. Some examples of excellent herbs are:

Hawthorn Leaf: The King of Hearts - is what it should be called- as this little herb can boost circulatory performance while maintaining heart health and lowering cholesterol levels.

Peppermint: Not only does this well-known herb soothe an upset stomach but it also acts as an expectorant that helps clear nasal passages of congestion, do I need to mention the positive effects on breath?

Burdock and Stinging Nettle: These herbs help reduce inflammation and boost circulation to affected areas. Diabetes, kidney disease, anxiety and many other conditions can be treated naturally with proper dosages and monitoring. Knowing your pet is important and of course consulting with a vet before taking on these alternatives is always a good idea. There is a friendly dosage chart we want to share with you here. 

Give the indicated amount 2-3 times a day.

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  • I need a diuretic for my 18 year old cat that is retaining water. The furosemide is not good for her and I need a better solution. The only non alcohol dandelion leaf I found was here. Is is OK for cats?


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