How to know if your pet is sick?

Unlike humans, animals cannot vocalize that they are not feeling well or that they are in pain. Therefore, it’s very important to carefully monitor your pet’s condition in order to be able to provide timely assistance if necessary. After all, we’re not only their friends but also their caregivers, on whom their lives depend.

Look out for the following signs that your pet may be feeling ill: 

  1. Refusal to eat
    If your pet is refusing to eat (and this is not due to the fact that it just doesn't like the new food), then this is a reason to consider its health. Especially if there are accompanying symptoms such as vomiting, malaise or refusal to drink.
  1. Excessive thirst
    Although it’s important to remember that if your pet eats dry food, it is normal to drink a little more water after eating.

  1. Sudden aggression
    Before scolding your pet for bad behavior, check whether everything is okay. A possible reason for this sudden change in mood could lie in the pain that your pet may be feeling.
  1. Change in the color of gums
  1. Your pet starts hiding
    Of course, there are introverted animals. But if your pet is usually sociable and then suddenly begins to hide in the corner, then perhaps they aren’t feeling well.

  1. Change in the texture or color of fur
  1. Difficulty breathing
    If your pet is having trouble breathing outside of physical activity, you need to see a veterinarian as soon as possible.

In order to quickly recognize changes in your pet’s behavior, you need to know how it usually behaves. Become familiar with how much and how often it eats, how much water it drinks, whether it’s sociable or, on the contrary, detached. The better you know the habits and characteristics of your little friend, the more secure his life is.

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