Learn the Herbs: Cranberry

Cranberries that have long been used as an ingredient in culinary due to their tangy flavor have gained popularity in recent years due to their health benefits. Being an exceptional source of antioxidants and rich in vitamin C, Cranberries have been widely used in herbal medicines. Read on! Don’t miss out on its health benefits and properties detailed below.

Properties and Benefits of Cranberry

Active Substances Present in Cranberry

Besides simple carbohydrates (glucose, fructose, sucrose, and D-mannose) and a series of acids (benzoic, citric, malic, quinic, phenolic, hydroxycinnamic, organic), cranberry is also rich in vitamin C.

In addition, it also contains anthocyanosides, flavonoids and tannins (proanthocyanidols, epicatechols and polymers, including different forms of epicatechin).

Recommended Dosage

Today you can find fresh and dried cranberry berries. These preparations are not, strictly speaking, herbal medicine but rather a form of food. In winter, you can munch on dried cranberry berries to boost energy or the immune system, just like nibbling on a few raisins.

Juice remains one of the most consumed preparations, whether it is from concentrate or more diluted cocktails (mixed with water and sugar). The capsules contain either dehydrated juice or berry powder. Due to the diuretic effect of cranberries, the capsules should be accompanied by plenty of water. Some preparations are more concentrated, like the tincture, which you can use per your doctor’s recommendation.

  • You should drink between 250 ml and 500 ml per day of cranberry cocktail or 80 to 160 ml of pure fruit juice for urinary tract infection
  • Adaily dose of plant extracts (capsules or tincture) is recommended by herbalists.

Health Benefits of Cranberry

It Fights Against Urinary Tract Infections and Cystitis

When certain bacteria (primarily Escherichia coli) are present too in the bladder, they cling to the walls. They are not eliminated through urine, causing urinary tract infections, cystitis, and in some cases, renal disorders.

Studies have shown that cranberry juice contains oligo-proanthocyanidins, preventing bacteria from attaching to the bladder's walls and multiplying, allowing the body to eliminate them easily through urine.

Fights Against Cardiovascular Issues

Cranberry can also reduce the risk of cardiovascular issues because of its richness in flavonoids and antioxidants. These would stimulate platelets and slow down the oxidation process of LDL (bad cholesterol), thus preventing it from clogging the arteries.

Cranberry juice also positively impacts atherosclerosis, the loss of elasticity of the arteries due to sclerosis caused by the accumulation of fatty substances.

Fight Against Cavities

A recent study found that cranberry juice would prevent the appearance of cavities in the teeth thanks to proanthocyanidin, an antioxidant more powerful than vitamin C. The latter would prevent bacteria from clinging to teeth and limit the formation of plaque.

Of course, it's only when paired with good dental hygiene that Cranberry can protect your teeth!

Action Against Respiratory Infections

Evidence suggests that cranberry juice inhibits certain properties of Pfeiffer's bacillus (one of the main elements of respiratory and hearing infections in children), thus preventing it from adhering to the surface of the skin.

Against Infections and Seasonal Illnesses

Flu, sore throat, or temporary sore throat: cranberries can help you fight against these seasonal ailments but also against infections. However, for its effect to be optimal, consume cool cranberry juice.

Action Against Kidney Stones

Thanks to its many acids, Cranberry limits the formation of kidney stones and facilitates eliminating these. Be careful! Cranberries are not suitable in the fight against specific kidney stones. Better to seek advice from your doctor.

An Anti-Aging Asset

Loss of memory, lack of coordination: thanks to their phytonutrients and antioxidants, Cranberries fight against premature aging of cells and prevent the appearance of some age-related issues. It acts as a barrier against free radicals responsible for premature skin aging and, therefore, wrinkles.

We hope this article has helped you with a lot of information about the health benefits of Cranberries. Start consuming them, especially if you have any of the health issues mentioned above. And, don't forget to share this information with your loved ones!


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