Learn the Herbs: Corn Silk

Corn Silk benefits

Corn is one of the oldest food products known for its nutritional value, but very few people are aware of its healing effect, particularly corn silk, the shiny, thread-like fibers protruding from the tip of the corn.  Corn silk is a common Stigma Maydis, having medicinal properties and can be a valuable remedy in many health issues. Let's talk about the virtues of this wonderful gift of nature in detail!

Corn Silk benefits for health

Medicinal Properties and Benefits of Corn Silk

Chemical Composition of Corn Silk

Corn Silk is endowed with valuable fibers of the stigmata, containing natural essential oils, fatty oils, phytoserrin, alkaloids, flavonoids, saponins, starchy substances, and other beneficial constituents.

The stigma is rich in vitamins B, D, E, K, ascorbic acid and includes many trace elements, Selenium being the most valuable. Selenium participates in the metabolic processes of carbohydrates and proteins, stimulating lipid metabolism, strengthening the immune system, and eliminating toxic substances.

Corn Silk Nutrients

Properties and Benefits of Corn Silk

Corn silk has a diuretic, strengthening, blood-inhibiting, choleretic, anti-inflammatory, hypoglycemic and antitumor effect. Its medicinal virtues make Corn Silk effective support in the following conditions:

Effective in Kidney Issues

Since Corn Silk is endowed with mild diuretic properties, its decoctions can help remove small stones easily and relieves swelling, removing fluid from the body. It also eliminates toxic substances that have a detrimental effect on human health.

 Corn Silk for Kidney Health

Liver and Bile Duct Issues

Corn Silk promotes the release of bile. It reduces the bile viscosity, preventing it from stagnating in the bile ducts and liver, decreasing the bilirubin level in the blood.

Effective For High Blood Sugar

Corn silk extract is recommended for people with diabetes. Its prophylactic and therapeutic effect decreases blood sugar levels gradually, bringing a significant improvement in their general condition.

 Corn Silk for Diabetes

Improves Sleep

Corn Silk reduces irritability and excessive excitability, improving sleep. Due to its ability to eliminate inflammatory processes, it improves general health and sleep

Effective in Weight Loss

Corn Silk fiber is effective in the weight loss process, increasing the rate of metabolic processes. It stimulates metabolic processes, promotes the breakdown of fats and removes excess fluid. The most important effect is that with its use, appetite disappears. It also helps reduce the level of "bad" cholesterol.

Corn Silk Effective in Weight Loss

Effective in Female reproductive issues

 Its anti-inflammatory effect makes effective in reducing uterine bleeding, tubal adhesions, and pain. In addition, it can also help in female fertility. In addition, it can also help alleviate the symptoms of menopause, relieving headaches, irritability, sleep problems, and excess weight.

Improves Potency in Men

Men facing potency issues due to prostate gland issues and other pathological changes in the genitourinary system can benefit from Corn Silk. Another problem that worsens the quality of life for men is baldness. Rinsing hair with corn fiber water can help eliminate dandruff, restore itchy scalp and prevent hair fall.

Although its decoctions and infusions have been widely used, a great way to integrate Corn Silk into your daily intake is through supplements!


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