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From the very inception of our company, taking care of Mother Earth has been one of our most pressing priorities. This is reflected in our choice of raw materials, in the composition of our products, and in our packaging. And now we’re capitalizing on another opportunity to be more eco-friendly. If you care about nature as we do, then you’ll definitely love this idea.

Our volume pack holds 20 tinctures of the same size bottles. By placing an order of 20 equal-size bottles, you will not only significantly reduce your use of packaging materials but save $45. The discount will only apply to a single purchase of 20 bottles. 

*Use the Promo Code - 20GREEN - in your shopping cart on the site to redeem discount. 

It can be 20 of the same product or you can mix and match products. Only bottles of the same size will be discounted and shipped as a case.

Enjoy your discount while reducing your usage of packaging materials! Please don’t forget to recycle!
Ecological delivery

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