True or false: all diseases are due to genetics?

What actually affects our health? - this is the question posed by GoInvo researchers. They got interesting results. You can find a detailed description of the study here:

According to this work, there are 5 main factors that determine the health status of the person:

  • Individual Behavior (36%)
  • Social Circumstances (24%)
  • Genetics and Biology (22%)
  • Medical Care (11%)
  • Environment (7%)

It is clear that the main factor that determines the health and well-being of a human is individual behavior (36%).

What does this mean?

That behavioral change is the best way to improve health and reduce the likelihood of premature death.

If your relatives have heart disease, it only means that you have a predisposition to the disease. Knowing about this, you can put a powerful defense before the disease makes the first attack. How? Say goodbye to a sedentary lifestyle and say hello to outdoor walks.

Your diet, sleep, mental health, and the presence or absence of bad habits and risky behavior have a decisive impact on your health.

We know how difficult it is to give up something in order to see the result only after 10-20 years. But, until scientists create a time machine or a spare body for everyone, we don't have a backup life.

So, maybe it's time to change something?

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