Quality of life

What determines our quality of life? Self-realization and good relations with loved ones or the availability of health insurance and our country's GDP? 

Scientists rarely give unambiguous answers (oh, those scientists!). However, sociologists, philosophers and psychologists, speaking about quality of life, agree on one thing - it’s a common measure of material, social and spiritual satisfaction. This is both material matters like secure housing in a good area, as well as the width of your smile when meeting with friends.

Often, speaking about quality of life, these common criteria are distinguished:

1) Health

2) Material wealth

3) The people around you and your relationship with them

It’s important to remember that quality of life not only consists of many various aspects - but also that these aspects differ for everyone. One person needs stability and calmness, and the other - adventures and vivid emotions. And only you know what is really important and necessary for you.

Quality of life is undoubtedly an important factor, one that any individual has the power to improve. The first step in improvement is to understand what is really important to you and what you want from your life. You can move and change jobs, meet new people and go to the pool, start a new hobby and become an activist of some social movement.

First understand your desires and needs and then bring them to life. We know you’re up to the task!

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