Morning coffee: friend or foe

A new day, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, and taking the first sips of a wonderful drink... A perfect start to the day, isn't it? It is, but only if you eat a croissant, a sandwich, a bagel or some food with it. No matter how tasty the coffee is, drinking it on an empty stomach can be very harmful. You might think that caffeine makes coffee so dangerous, but in fact, it's all about chlorogenic acids, which are found even in decaffeinated coffee. Coffee provokes the production of stomach acid, and with nothing in the stomach besides coffee, the acid could damage the stomach’s lining, which leads to heartburn. Of course, there will be no harm from one cup drunk once on an empty stomach, but if you turn it into a daily habit, then it could potentially lead you to heartburn, or even developing a stomach ulcer.

Morning coffee can cause damage, not only to the digestive system. When we wake up, the hormonal background of the body changes, and the cortisol hormone which is responsible for vigor and energy, is released. Thanks to it we gain the ability to be productive, make decisions and react quickly. Our body diligently avoids unnecessary work, so, when we constantly consume morning coffee, it gets used to third-party stimulation and stops producing cortisol. As a result, without a cup of coffee, we are more like zombies than people.
If you want your cup of coffee to bring not only pleasure but also benefit, drink it at the right time: in the mid-morning or afternoon when the cortisol levels begin to fall.

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