Mind, Body and Spirit



Mindbody and spirit. These are the three pillars of human health that our ancestors have deemed as the ultimate path to our well-being.

First, the mind. The source of everything you see and do. The choices made by the mind can fuel the body to attain perfect balance and health. A sharp mind can create a powerful body, while a powerful body can charge a sharpened mind.

Second, the body. As stated above, the body is the vessel responsible for all physical action. Everything you eat, drink and do affects your body, these actions are all guided by the mind. But to inspire the mind to make the right choices one needs the power of spirit.

Third, the spirit. While the body and mind may determine and carry out your physical actions, your spirit is the primary influence of why you carry those actions out. Why feel good? Why live life to its greatest potential? Because the spirit begs for it. Without the spirit our body and mind would act alone. That wouldn't be life, that’s called day to day survival.

How it Was

For thousands of years, the human beings of Earth walked in nature every day. They took part ingesting the fruits of the soil, experimenting with all things that would sprout from the ground. Tribes from across the world learned the secrets that were hidden in their surroundings. With patience and love many found a feeling of unity with the natural world around them.

Then science came. A deep understanding of science and the processes of nature have given Humanity gifts beyond what any could imagine. We cured diseases that plagued us for generations. But we forgot the past. We forgot those that came before.

It is only now, when our technology advances even further do we understand the impact of our new environment on our body. With molecular and genetic science, we are able to finally prove the importance of using natural remedies in correlation with our development as a species. The human body needs the nutrients and minerals of the Earth in abundant quantities at all times. Even though those that came before may have succumbed to diseases we can easily cure now, it doesn't mean their collective efforts have gone to waste. Or that what they discovered was any less important.

Never Forget the Past 

Yes, it's true and likely that you may not die of pneumonia or the flu in this day and age with the emergence of antibiotics and other medicines. But, a number of outside influences in our modern environment can now claim responsibility for a long list of diseases that our ancestors would never have had to contend with. So it's time for a new approach, don't you think?

We're not saying you AVOID the hospital when you are sick. Never would we ever tell you to ignore modern medicine. We're simply saying go and hear your doctor while also embracing natural remedies. It's proven time and time again that those that combine the three pillars of well-being into their lives will live a life that genuinely feels good.

Focus on Body, Mind and Spirit

Focus on the body (science), the mind (positive health choices) and spirit (all things that inspire you to live healthy) and you will find the power to live a long and happy life.

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