Learn the Terms: Phosphorus

What is Phosphorus?

Phosphorus is an incredibly unique mineral needed for growth by both plants and human beings. The body utilizes phosphorus in a number of different ways, the most important being in the formation of bones and teeth. 

  • Phosphorus also has a unique role in helping the body dictate where to use spent carbohydrates.
  • A high phosphorus content within the body can ensure more fat is burned for energy, even during routine activities.
  • Phosphorus is also the key component to producing the proteins necessary for healthy cell reproduction and repair.
    When paired with calcium, phosphorus forms a solid bond that strengthens teeth and bones. Interesting to note, the body more often than not has more than enough phosphorus to meet its daily needs. Sometimes a high phosphorus content can lead to medical complications, so it’s important to match your calcium intake accordingly.

    Did You Know...

    As mentioned above, plants absolutely without a doubt one hundred percent — need Phosphorus! Most fertilizers (even organic) contain about a third of some phosphorus-laden material. Phosphorus in planting soil might as well be "plant steroids," but all natural and safe to consume. In fact, most species of plants, shrubs and trees take in 3-times the amount that humans do! (By weight.)

    It's Everywhere!

    Carried by sediments in the air and water, a Phosphorus shortage isn't likely anytime soon. You can find it pretty much anywhere and everywhere. And you can never really have too much. If you do, just remember that Calcium is your best friend. In the end, your bones and teeth will appreciate it!

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