Top 3 Herbs Proven to Lower Blood Sugar

Diabetes is a lifelong condition. It cannot be cured. However, it can be effectively managed with the right treatment. While prescription antidiabetic medications are effective, many people tend to prefer managing their blood sugar levels in natural ways, such as dietary changes, physical activity, and using herbs. Fortunately, there are plenty of herbs that can help people with type 2 diabetes keep their blood sugar levels within a healthy range.

Following are some of the herbs that are scientifically proven to help lower blood sugar:


Containing high amounts of soluble fiber, fenugreek seeds can help lower blood sugar by reducing the rate of carbohydrate digestion and absorption into the blood. Several research studies have also shown that fenugreek seeds can also provide some relief from the metabolic symptoms associated with diabetes.

A small trial conducted over 60 type 2 diabetes patients found that the participants who were given 10 grams of fenugreek seeds (soaked in water) every day for 6 months showed significantly reduced fasting blood glucose levels and HbA1c.

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Ginseng has been touted for its blood sugar lowering properties for centuries. In the past couple of decades, researchers also found strong evidence backing the claim. A meta-analysis of eight research studies found that ginseng can offer significant improvements in insulin resistance and fasting blood sugar levels when used as part of a comprehensive treatment program. Another research study found that ginseng can help regulate insulin secretion and glucose uptake along with helping to fight against inflammation and oxidative stress. Together, all these factors are responsible for the antidiabetic properties of ginseng.

An interesting point to note here is that both Asian and American ginseng has been found to be effective in lowering blood sugar levels. You can get both from Secrets of the Tribe.



Gymnema, scientifically known as Gymnema Sylvestre, may not be as commonly known as the other herbs two discussed above. However, it is a potent herb known to offer great benefits to diabetic patients. Although the herb’s exact mechanism of action is not known, it has been found to help decrease sugar absorption in the gut. There is also some evidence that the herb may increase the growth of pancreatic cells and the production of insulin in the body.

A research study found that people with type 2 diabetes who took 400mg of gymnema leaf extract daily for about 1.5 years showed a 29% decrease in fasting blood sugar. Their HbA1c levels also dropped.

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These are just a few herbs known to offer blood sugar-lowering benefits to people with diabetes; there are several more available. Although herbs are generally known to be safe, it is strongly recommended to consult your doctor or an herbal expert before you start consuming any of these (or any other) herbs for lowering blood sugar level.

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