Tips from Herbalists: What Herbs Can Be Planted at Home

It is absolutely amazing how many healing plants surround us. The fact that we can have quick access to them makes us feel truly connected with nature. So even if you don’t want to look for organic and locally sourced plants and herbs, you can go for a more economical alternative of growing them at home.

Whether you are passionate about herbalism or just want to benefit from the many holistic ways to support your health, herbal gardening could be the best hobby for you.

Here are some herbalist tips to help you find out the best herbs to grow at home!


Dandelion roots and leaves are popular in herbal medicines and teas. It is also probably the weed that grows everywhere in early summer. Dandelion is an incredible herb that can be easily grown at home, whether you have a big garden or want to do container gardening.

Because of its bitter taste, it is excellent for stimulating gastric enzymes and bile secretion. Moreover, it also helps in digestion and promotes hormonal balance.


Peppermint is another great herb for herbal gardening at home. It is a soothing herb that combats flatulence and offers carminative benefits. Due to these benefits, it is also great for improving digestion.

Peppermint spreads rampantly in a moist garden, so if you want to go for container gardening, make sure to grow each plant in its own big pot. Also, make sure to harvest the leaves before flowering, as they can quickly turn bitter.


Rosemary is the kind of herb that is best known as a great energy booster. It is a perennial woody herb that offers instant clarity, peace of mind and improves memory by regulating blood circulation and the flow of oxygen to your brain. Rosemary tea can be a great natural alternative to caffeine.

The most incredible thing about this herb is that they are long-lived and drought-tolerant plants. So you can grow a row of these in your garden to have a beautiful and evergreen hedge.


Working and making use of different herbs is not only rewarding but incredibly creative as well. And these are probably just the right reasons to practice herbalism at home.

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