Herbal Tincture’s Safety for Children

Herbal Tincture’s Safety for Children

When it comes to using herbal tinctures for health purposes, one of the most common questions that people ask is – can I give herbal tinctures to my child? If you also want to improve your kids’ health and wellness with herbs, but concerned about their safety, keep reading for a detailed evaluation of herbal tinctures’ safety for children.

Herbs for kids: are they safe?

The short answer is yes!

When used in right quantities and in right ways, herbal tinctures are perfectly safe for children.

But, Don’t They Contain Alcohol? How Can Alcohol be Safe for Children?

Using alcohol to extract herbal tinctures is a common practice. But, it is a huge concern for most parents. A large number of parents avoid using herbs for kids just because they do not want to expose them to alcohol at a young age.

However, the truth of the matter is that the type of alcohol used in making herbal tinctures is considered safe for consumption.

Furthermore, since children are given very small doses of herbal tinctures and they’re mixed in food or drinks, the amount of alcohol a child consumes is very small and that too is significantly diluted. 

There are Alcohol-Free Alternatives Too!

If you still do not feel comfortable in giving your child alcohol-based herbal tinctures, know that there are alcohol-free alternatives available as well. Read here about the difference between tinctures with and without alcohol.

How are Alcohol-Free Herbal Tinctures Made?

Alcohol-free herbal tinctures are made using glycerin. Hence, they are also often referred to as herbal glycerites.

Alcohol-free herbal tinctures are often labelled as less potent than their alcoholic counterparts. But, there is no truth to it. Both forms of herbal tinctures are equally effective and offer the same range of benefits. If anything, non-alcoholic herbal tinctures give parents the peace of mind that they are not making their children consume anything that they could potentially be harmful for them.

Our Recommendation

We have given you the factual information, so you can make a decision on your own. While you’re free to choose between the two types of herbal tinctures, we advise against using alcohol-based tinctures for children.

Even though alcohol-based herbal tinctures are generally considered safe for everyone, it is best to avoid them for children, pets, and elderly because they are highly sensitive. Also, why take risk when there is a safer alternative available?

At Secrets of the Tribe, we offer all herbal tinctures in both alcohol and alcohol-free formulations. Our products are also GMO-free and organic, making herbs for kids even safer. (Read this article to learn more about Secrets of the Tribe, its principles and how its history started.)

Check out our extensive collection of alcohol-free herbal tinctures and let your children benefit from natural ingredients too.

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