Herbs to Help the Heart Rhythm

One of the many miracles of the human body is that the heart’s upper chambers beat in absolute coordination with the heart’s lower chambers. But when these chambers quiver out of rhythm, it causes a medical condition known as atrial fibrillation.

The apparent symptoms of irregular heart rhythm include shortness of breath, heart palpitations, and weakness. Other internal symptoms like blood clotting can eventually lead to a stroke.

Fortunately, you don’t always have to turn to drugs when some incredible herbal remediescan support heart naturally. Read on to learn what herbs to use for a healthy heart!


Hawthorn has a very long history of use for the traditional treatment of cardiovascular problems. Its use over the years has found it to support virtually all normal cardiovascular functions, be it oxygenation or circulation and rhythm. While hawthorn supplements can be great for treating irregular heart rhythm, you can also go for blends that contain all plant parts; the leaf, flower, and berry, to improve all cardiovascular functions.


Ginger Root

Traditionally used as Chinese and Indonesian medicine, ginger root has been used for a very long time to treat various heart conditions.Daily consumption of ginger can help reduce the risk of many serious conditions like high blood pressure and even a stroke. The use of ginger root has also proven to prevent the risk of heart attacks, and it keeps your cholesterol levels in check.


Native to Asia and Southeastern Europe, motherwort or lion’s tail holds a central place among herbal remedies for non-pathological arrhythmias. This upright, prickly bush with dark green leaves and furry purple or pink flowers is hailed to remedy functional heart complaints due to autonomic imbalance. While the herb may act in part simply by reducing rapid or irregular heart rate caused by stress or anxiety, it is also widely used to treat atrial fibrillation that causes irregular heart rhythm.

Final Word

Cardiovascular complications are some serious health conditions that can often be life-threatening. But the good news is that they are also largely preventable. And herbs can be of great help in this regard to protect and strengthen your heart naturally.

At Secrets of the Tribe, we have some great blends and formulas that contain the best herbs for heart health. The top picks from our collection include Benevolent Heart Capsules, Cardio Secret – Arterial Flow Formula, and Chinese Motherwort Tincture. You can also find other quality herbal supplements to nourish your heart and boost its functions.

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