How it all started

Secrets of the Tribe has been in business since 2016 and we appreciate all that we've achieved during this time. In the beginning, there were no clear plans or schedules, and we didn't know where it would eventually lead. The founder of Secrets of the Tribe followed the call of his heart and the path of knowledge. The company coped with difficulties, grew, and developed to please both our customers (you!) and ourselves. And today, we want to say thank you to all of our customers! Together we can do what we love, what makes you happier and healthier. And we’ve decided to share with you the history of our company's inception.

Secrets of the Tribe was actually founded due to an accident that happened in 2015. 

Our founder was in Singapore with his wife at the time, conducting business. Almost all of the issues were resolved, and the trip was coming to an end when the company's founder fell ill. This was a real surprise because the CEO had always been in good health. Therefore, neither he nor his wife had the necessary supply of medications to heal him.

The disease was severe and progressed quickly: it developed in just 2 days and brought with it a high temperature, weakness, and pain throughout the body.

The situation was complicated by the fact that in Singapore, most medications are accessible by prescription only. So the only treatments that were freely available and could be purchased without a prescription were a variety of herbs. In her urgent desire to help her husband recover, the founder’s wife bought all of the herbs she could find in the pharmacy and hurried to her husband. What exactly she bought at the time, neither she nor her husband ever found out.

All of these herbs were turned into a mixture, which the founder took before falling asleep. At that time, CEO and his wife didn't know a lot about the herbs, and therefore, they could only guess what would happen in the morning once he had taken them: whether the disease would pass, whether the temperature would decrease and the pain would go away.  All night, the wife stayed with the CEO, who was tossing with a fever and sweating. 

What happened in the morning? To the joy of the family, after the CEO woke up, there was no trace of the disease left.

The family returned to America; however, the rapid healing didn't leave the CEO’s mind. So, he set forth with the goal of understanding the topic of herbs and finding out what exactly happened in Singapore, how he was cured and the unique powers of the herbs.

More and more immersed in the topic of herbs, the CEO came up with the idea to create a natural product based on the knowledge and traditions that have been proven over the centuries. He continued his education but understood that to truly discover all the secrets of the herbs, it takes years of work and learning. Trying to save a little time and start helping people by introducing them to the miraculous power of herbs as soon as possible, the CEO went looking for a person with experience and knowledge of how herbs work, who was passionate about this topic to the depths of his soul.

Soon such a person was found. The founder met an herbalist who has dedicated his life to herbs. Since 2003, he has traveled all over the world, visiting the farthest corners of the Earth to understand the features and properties of herbs, and to take in all of the information he can access. And even now, he continues his path of knowledge.

So it was then, in 2016, that our company Secrets of the Tribe was founded. The two men agreed that the founder would be responsible for the business and sales aspect, while the herbalist would craft unique herbal formulas and continue his research in the field.

So, our Tribe began. Now we have 4 professional herbalists working in our team, who ensure the constant quality of products that we can stand for. 

Thanks to an unpleasant accident that happened to the CEO a few years ago, we now recognize and can effectively harness the amazing power of herbs. And still, we continue to discover more, wondering every time how much information and healing is still hidden in nature.


  • So why glycerites? And soy-free glycerites no less (btw, it would be AMAZING if your company offered some flax-based glycerites).

    I am deeply thankful for this. But it is a specific and unusual choice in the herbal community.

    Michael Victoria
  • Thank you for sharing how your company came into being. When adversity is turned into blessing, that is inspiring! Things happen for a reason and surely the illness that your CEO experienced has led to healing for many. That is noble! Thank you!

  • Interesting story and most good things in life begin in some of the most interesting ways.

    Enrico Cannella
  • Glad to hear for you all came out well.
    What you do is far above western medicine. I know a bit about what to seek, and am always learning. My great great grandmother was a Mohawk squaw..better things are handed down than what the west takes.
    Thanks again, and will revisit soon.
    All the Best,


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