When and How to Use Our Herbal Products

At Secrets of the Tribe, we have a large range of herbal supplements, extracts, and tinctures to solve all your maladies and ailments. To help you choose, we are listing down some of our herbal products and their usage guide. Here you go: 

Respiratory Blends

The winter is here, and the cold, dry air is well on its way to irritating our airways and lungs. People with preexisting respiratory issues may have already started experiencing shortness of breath, coughing or wheezing, chest tightness, or pain. With such conditions all around, now is the best time to use our respiratory blends to help keep your lungs healthy and safe.

Which Ones to Use?

Tribal Parasite Purge Capsules

Herbs effectively rid our bodies of parasites, especially parts like the intestines, the digestive tract, and the liver. The right blend of herbs can give you long-lasting relief and keep you safe from parasitic infection. Our Tribal Parasite Purge Capsules is a powerful blend of cranberry, garlic bulb, black walnut hull, and wormwood herb. 

Before and After Travel

Travel anxiety is real, and many people suffer from it. Even after you have landed safely, you are either tired, suffering from an upset stomach, aches, cramps, knots, or spasms. Thankfully, numerous herbs can come together and help elevate these symptoms. With the powerful herbal blend in our Before and After Travel dietary supplement, you can finally de-stress and refresh before and after your travels.

At Secrets of the Tribe, we offer a whole range of Before and After dietary supplements for all the events and occasions that can induce anxiety in many people. Some of our products in this range include Before and After Festival, Before and After Spotlight, and Before and After Study.  Click here to see our entire range of Before and After supplements.

Las Vegas Healthy Year

Las Vegas isn’t all glitz and glamour. The city has bad air quality and is one of the hottest cities due to its location in the Mojave Desert. If you wish to enjoy your time in Vegas all year, take our Las Vegas Healthy Year with you.  The herbal extracts for all seasons will boost your immunity, give you vitality to survive the heat, and promote overall health and wellness.

In view of the fact that every big city in the US has its fair share of downsides with regards to the environment and air quality, we have prepared specialized herbal blends for them all. We have 50 organic herbal blends available in the form of tinctures to help you adapt to the bad city environment in all the major US cities. Click here to check out our whole range of city blends and pick the one that you need at the moment.

Nature has provided us with a variety of herbs packed with countless beneficial properties. It’s our job to study and blend and provide you with the remedy you need. Use our 100% organic herbal blends to experience the benefits of nature’s gifts.

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  • I just received the Hibiscus tincture, honestly I was not looking forward to a liquid form because Hibiscus can be sour. Oh my goodness it was delicious, I wanted to drink the entire bottle!

    Deb Lane

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