Happy Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year has long been China’s primary holiday. Unlike its Western counterpart, there is no fixed start date for the Chinese New Year, starting at a different time each year. The first day of the holiday falls on the second new moon after the winter solstice. Thus, in 2022, the New Year will begin on February 1st. 

In honor of this holiday, we have prepared a special horoscope for you, which we hope will bring you inspiration and cheer. 

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This year, Rats will shine brighter than the stars in the sky — show your talents, remain open to exploring new things, and trust in yourself. And to give yourself the energy for new achievements, take a look at hers for energy and vitality.

Oxen can handle anything in 2022; success and luck are on your side. Even if something goes wrong, remember that you can get through it. And to make sure that nothing interferes with your plans, look to herbs for immunity support.

 This year, Tigers will see themselves from a new perspective and find a new direction in life. And in order to clearly see new opportunities and angles, herbs from the vision category will come in handy.

2022 is a time of career and money success for Rabbits. You may even find yourself with so many interesting tasks to accomplish that you forget to eat lunch. But don’t let this slide — you need energy to achieve your goals. Therefore, make sure to eat on time and support your digestive system — tinctures from the Digestive category will help you with this. 

Dragons will benefit significantly from meditation techniques this year. This is because so many incredible events await you that you risk losing your head! Herbs from the Respiratory category will be helpful for practicing the correct breathing techniques during meditation. 

All eyes will be fixed on the Snakes this year. Everyone around you will be asking you for beauty tips and feeling inspired by your style. Herbs from the beauty category will help you remain at the top of your game. 

Horses will accomplish so many things this year! Career, relationships, travel — whatever it is, you will succeed. To avoid getting lost amidst the mass of tasks and maintain inner harmony, herbs from the Mood and Stress category will be your friend. 

Goats are sure to maximize their luck this year, but to do so, you need to prioritize what is most essential and get rid of everything unnecessary. Herbs from the Detox category will help you with this. 

Monkeys will rarely be seen at home this year, because they will be too busy serving as the kings and queens of meetings and parties! To continue feeling great after all these events, look to the wellness systems blends category for support.

Roosters are waiting for unexpected turns that will unlock new career prospects. To help you feel more confident in this new stage of life and firmly stand your ground, the Joint and Muscle category will come in handy. 

Dogs will be whisked away in a whirlwind of new events from the very beginning of the year. New acquaintances, opportunities and events are ready to accompany you. To ensure you don’t forget any important information, look to herbs specializing in brain support. 

Unexpected twists of fate and joyful surprises are awaiting Pigs in the new year. To prevent confusion and help you fully enjoy your adventures, we recommend herbs from the Relaxation category.


Whichever sign you belong to, we believe this year will be full of joy and success. Believe in yourself, take care of yourself and your loved ones, and be happy!

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